Avant Loaders Applications
There's an Avant solution to all machinery requirements
Thanks to Forklift It and Avant Equipment we can supply the correct machine for any application in these highly specialised industries

Government, Council, & Educational Institutions

Government, councils, and educational institutions need a machine that’s reliable and adaptable, and the Avant compact articulated loader ticks every box. Whether waste management, road cleaning, lawn maintenance or any other maintenance or contract work, the Avant compact articulated loaders are durable and flexible to meet your requirements.

Construction & Demolition

Thanks to their versatility, agility, and power, Avant loaders can take care of various jobs in different stages of a construction project in new building projects, renovations, or demolition. On a construction site the Avant loader doubles as a forklift, loader, digger, and demolition robot - it can even be used as an aggregate when required.


Avant BeePro compact loaders take the back breaking work out of moving beehives by loading and unloading hives quickly and efficiently. The BeePro loader offers optimum visibility, effortless operation, and high and powerful lift capacity for beekeepers.

Arboriculture & Treecare

The Avant ArborPro is a compact loader easily accesses tight work sites. With a high and powerful lift capacity, the ArborPro combines manoeuvrability, stability, and speed to get jobs done quickly and efficiently. Arborists can carry, move, dig, level, grab, grind, and split materials efficiently with an ArborPro compact mini loader.

Farming & Equestrian

The Avant loader can take care of all the physically challenging jobs on your farm or equestrian centre. You can also get lighter jobs done easier and faster than before. Designed to operate in tight spaces, the compact Avant loader can access most farm buildings, stables and arenas. The uses of Avant loaders are unlimited.


The Avant loader is a powerful and versatile landscaper's machine that will impress both the operator and the customer. The Avant mini loader has over 200 attachments available that will take care of both landscaping and maintenance of your garden and green areas.

Forklift It & Avant Loaders …equally serviceable and right at home with these industries

Plant Nurseries

Low ground pressure, manoeuvrability, great visibility and a huge lifting power make the Avant NurseryPro compact loader ideal for your plant and tree nurseries as well as flower farms. The Avant loader is a versatile all-in-one loader for nurseries.

Property Maintenance

Make property maintenance easy all year round with an Avant compact loader. The agile and powerful loader will give you easy working access to tight areas, small yards, and narrow pathways. Its lightweight and articulated steering make it gentle on delicate surfaces, and it won't slip - even in wet weather.

Artificial Turf & Sports Facility Management

While an artificial turf sports field requires significantly less work than a natural grass field, they still need to be maintained. The Avant compact loader keeps your artificial turf clean and safe with synthetic turf maintenance attachments.

Solar Farms

Avant mini loaders are a powerful tool used in the construction and maintenance of solar farms. With great lifting capacities as well as impressive drive speeds, the Avant loader can help increase your productivity and reduce manual labour. The narrow dimensions of the machines ensure the Avant can go anywhere as well as perform any job that is necessary.

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Thanks to Forklift It and Avant Equipment we can supply the correct machine for any application suitable for an extensive variety of highly specialised industries. Have a look at what applications Avant are frequently used for.
We have a selection of quality Avant machines for long or short term hire offering you some real financial benefits which include leaving your capital untouched, with no cash outlay.
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